The Best Desk Accessories for Maximizing Your Home Office Productivity

The Best Desk Accessories for Maximizing Your Home Office Productivity - Beflo

Working from home isn't as glamorous or as easy as most assume. With the rise of remote work, having a comfortable and functional office desk is essential for employees. One popular option is a standing desk, which offers the flexibility to sit or stand throughout the day. To enhance productivity and organization, investing in office accessories can make a big difference. Working from home offices can be challenging due to the distractions and clutter that can accumulate in your desk space. The temptation of internet digressions and the proximity to a pantry full of tasty treats can all take a toll on your productivity. To combat these challenges, it's important to have the right tools in place. That’s why it is important for employees to proactively use tools and organizers to heighten their efficiency at their office desk in order to maximize the quality of work and output.

The subtleties of your in-home workstation, including the tools and office supplies you use, might seem like minor details yet they matter a great deal. From your keyboard to your laptop stand, these are important elements to consider. Desk accessories such as a laptop stand, keyboard, and headphones, along with wire and cord organizers, desk storage solutions, and even a cup of coffee, make a meaningful impact on your productivity in the home office. Everything from a usb charger to a keyboard and coffee cup holder has the potential to subtly improve your workplace efficiency and organization.

Here’s a quick look at how the best desk accessories empower you to fulfill your potential while working at home.

Tech Desk Accessories

Workspace optimization

Take an objective look at your current home office setup and you’ll likely admit that the space can benefit from optimizing productivity with the right work desk accessories. Employees often overlook the importance of having a good pen, but it can make a significant difference in their work. To make an informed decision, it's helpful to read insider reviews on different work desk accessories. In particular, desk accessories are the best thing for employees to monitor and enhance their work quickly and effectively, according to insider reviews.

Innovative integrated laptop holder

Everything from a laptop holder to a wireless charging station, desktop mount, portable laptop docking station and under desk accessory mounts can make a significant difference in efficiency for employees. Insider reviews have shown that these accessories can help employees stand and work comfortably, with their laptops positioned at the right height, just inches away from their eyes. A wireless charging station is the best thing for employees' work desk accessories. It is especially important for home office productivity as it allows employees to stand and work efficiently.

Select the best wireless charging station for your work desk accessories and you’ll be liberated to use your electronics without worrying about obtrusive charging cords and annoying batteries. This stand is the best thing for employees who want a clutter-free workspace. From USB cords to A/C cords and beyond, conventional cord and wire-based powering is a hassle that no employees should have to be bothered with when it comes to their work desk accessories. The best thing they can do is invest in a stand to keep everything organized.

Mica Wireless Charger

Make the transition to the Mica Wireless Charger and your devices will recharge without encumbrance. All you have to do is plug in the charging mat, connect it through the desktop slot and your devices will recharge. The Mica Wireless Charger is even designed for easy folding, helping you keep as tidy of a workspace as possible. The end result is a well-organized, clean and efficient workspace.

When looking for ways to improve your home office, don’t miss the best thing for employees: insider reviews. Don't miss the forest for the trees. The best thing for employees is when they find desk accessories that are the icing on the metaphorical cake, according to insider reviews. Pick and choose from the accessories listed in this writeup to create the best thing for employees, adding them to the right home office desk. This will create a whole that will be greater than the sum of its parts, providing insider insights.

Tenon smart stand desk rear

Beflo’s luxury sit down/stand up desk, the Tenon, is perfect for tech-forward professionals. Designed with subtle artfulness, the Tenon desk is equal parts function and form. The ergonomic design allows for adaptive comfort, facilitating the completion of work without causing unnecessary stress to the body or mind.

Wire and Cord Organization Accessories

Clean workspace dektop

Step back from your home office setup for a moment to perform a visual scan of your workspace. As employees, it's important to create an environment that fosters productivity and creativity. Evaluating your workspace can help you identify any potential insider issues and make necessary improvements. Taking the time to optimize your workspace is the best thing you can do to enhance your work experience. If your desk and surrounding space, where employees spend most of their time, is like most others, it is laden with sundries including wayward cords and wires.

This can be problematic as an insider who knows the best thing to do would be to keep the workspace organized and tidy. The best thing about the modern home office is that it is equipped with electronics and wires that employees need for functionality. Problems arise when employees are hindered by wires, as they can impede movement and create visual distractions that divert attention away from their best thing - work.

Hide and/or organize the wires at your home workstation and you’ll find the space is less encumbered, ultimately liberating you to work freely and efficiently with minimal distraction and impediment. Potential solutions include tear-away Velcro cord straps, or solutions like the Creek power cord cover developed for the Tenon desk. Additionally, add the Argil Desk Cable Holder to your home office and you’ll prevent cables from falling down to the floor below. This nifty home office accessory conceals cables below a silicone cap. The cap is flexible to accommodate cords and wires of all thicknesses. Tucking away cords and cables really does make it that much easier to get work done without pesky interference.

Even something as simple as a wireless mouse has the potential to significantly improve your home work experience. Make the transition from a conventional wired mouse to a wire-free mouse, and you'll find it greatly enhances your range of movement when using your home office computer. This change is the best thing for improving your productivity and comfort while working. Operating the mouse on your thigh with an under desk footrest is the best thing. You can lean back, stretch out your legs, and feel like a boss. Add the best thing, a wireless mouse charging pad, to your desk and you won't have to fuss around with wires or USB charging cords.

Innovative Desk Storage Solution

Innovative pegboard workspace storage

Store your home office sundries the best way and you’ll find it is the best thing to get work done with the utmost efficiency. The best desk storage solutions conceal and organize the items necessary to complete work in as efficient a manner as possible. Once everything is in its right place, you’ll reap the benefits of a laser-like focus on work. You’ll also reap the benefits of being able to quickly find exactly what you need in your home office without unnecessary delay.

If you are still on the fence as to whether it is a good idea to spend on innovative desk storage solutions, think back to the last time you couldn’t find something you needed for work. Between staplers, sticky notes, legal pads, pens, paper clips, paper weights, batteries and beyond, you need a litany of sundries to work with efficiency. The quicker and easier those items are to access, the better you’ll be at your job.

Desk hanging pouch

The top innovative desk storage solutions include hanging pouches, hanging hooks and under desk accessory mounts. Though diminutive in size, under desk accessory mounts play an important role in home office success. Connect your accessories to your Tenon Desk then mount the cords and devices for optimal organization and access with a modular attachment. The Clast Under Desk Accessory Mount from Beflo is affordably priced and incredibly effective. This convenient mount empowers you to connect accessories ranging from power strips to routers and chargers while providing easy access to myriad accessories.

Choose the right hanging desk organizer and everything you need to get your work done will be perfectly organized and within arm’s length. Hang your organizer on the sides of Beflo Tenon Adjustable Desk , grab your supplies from their respective spaces as necessary and you’ll maximize the time invested in work.

The hanging desk organizer is revered as one of the best desk accessories as it prevents the frustrating and time-consuming search for office sundries that eats away at productivity. Instead of putting yourself through the rigors of a self-defeating search for work-related items when the need arises, opt for a hanging desk organizer and everything you need will be prim and proper, perfectly organized for maximum efficiency.

Inspiring Desk Decor and Accents

It is often said that a house isn’t a home until it is personalized to your tastes as a homeowner. The same adage is true of a home office. Plopping down any old desk, computer and printer in a spare room in the house certainly allows for functionality yet it doesn’t make the home office conducive to productivity.

Personalize your home workspace in an artful manner and those subtle additions really will enhance your productivity. Though you could add a lovely painting, an inspirational poster and an artful postcard to your workspace, those additions are fairly generic. Spice up your boring workspace with items that energize and inspire.

Examples of ways to enhance your home office include accents, décor and plants such as cute succulents placed in visually striking pots. Carefully chosen lamps and lighting, an aroma diffuser, mug warmer and even a modesty panel will also help bring out the best in your home office as well as yourself.

Horizon workspace dekstop light diffuser

The Horizon Light Diffuser has the potential to make a world of a difference in your experience while working at home including your quality of your work. Clarity of vision is essential to getting work done the right way, on time and with minimal eye strain. The Horizon Light Diffuser connects to the Tenon desk frame, generating the perfect home office ambiance.

The light diffuser moves illumination from the desk to you, making it that much easier to see your computer screen and desk with perfect clarity. The diffuser consists of soft pressed felt, meaning it blends in perfectly with all home office decor.

An Unparalleled Work Experience with Beflo

At Beflo we’ve got all of your home office needs covered. Our products are perfect for those who work in the house as well as those who work in traditional offices. From adjustable desks to laptop docking stations, accessory mounts, wireless chargers and even subtle additions in the form of modesty panels, we’ve got a little bit of everything to create the perfect home office.

Browse our collections today to learn more about what we offer and the Beflo difference.

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