10 Small Home Office Design Ideas

10 Small Home Office Design Ideas - Beflo

Productivity in a small home office is largely determined by the design of the workspace. Implement the best small home office ideas for improved design and utility, keep yourself in the flow, and you’ll find you are much more productive working from home than in a conventional office cubicle. Weave in the right Beflo small home office design products and you’ll quickly realize working from home is even more conducive to productivity than working in a traditional large office in a conventional building.

The challenge lies in overcoming small office design hurdles to thrive while working from home. The small home office ideas detailed below encompass furniture and room arrangement, creative storage solutions, general organization, and more.

Organization Tips and Tricks

A neat and tidy workspace is conducive to mental focus that paves a path toward heightened productivity. Sweat the small stuff of your modern home office workspace including the nuances of organization, and declutter the area with regularity and you’ll find it is that much easier to work with efficiency.

Organization is that much easier in a compact home office or small home office space with the use of storage containers. Storage containers are essential for maintaining an organized home workspace, especially in a small space. Label each storage container in your home workspace so you can quickly find the items you need in your small space and won’t waste time looking for office sundries when pressed against tight deadlines for your home workstation.

It will also help to designate specific spaces for each home workspace item in your compact home office workstation. Even the subtleties of arranging your home workspace furniture to maximize space in your studio or home workstation will reduce your stress and amplify your creativity in your interiors. Maintain a focus on the minor details of your small home office workstation and those subtleties will add to a whole greater than their sum, empowering you to fulfill your true potential while working at home.

Whether it's a dedicated studio, room, or any other space in your interiors, paying attention to the little things can make a big difference in creating an inspiring and productive work environment. Here’s a quick look at some specific items that will improve your home office's ease of use in terms of room, space, interiors, and design.

Storage Carts and Boxes

Stock up on boxes and carts for storage and organization purposes in your small home office space. Label those containers appropriately and you’ll waste no time locating the items you need to work with efficiency in your home workspace. As an example, in a small office design, the use of a rolling cart for item storage maximizes the limited amount of room available. This consolidation of electronics, including scanners and printers, creates efficient interiors. The result is a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making it ideal for advertisement and photo shoots.

Whiteboards and Corkboards

Much has been made of the use of vision boards in corporate America, especially when it comes to advertisement, photo, design, and interiors. Oftentimes, wall-mounted whiteboards are used as the canvas for such visions in interiors. The room is transformed into a creative space, as seen in the photo. Wall-mounted whiteboards are a versatile tool for illustrating ideas and concepts in online and offline meetings. They can also be used as a visual aid in advertisements, showcasing the design and interiors of a space. Additionally, they can be used to display photos during presentations or discussions.

Though you might not invite colleagues over to your interiors, space, condo, or apartment for meetings at a high frequency, the addition of a whiteboard will prove beneficial to you while working in your small home office.

This is especially true if you need to brainstorm ideas or jot down important notes during a call or advertisement. Plus, having a whiteboard in your office can also serve as a great backdrop for taking professional-looking photos for your social media or website. Mount a whiteboard to your wall, jot down ideas throughout the workday and they’ll be within your line of vision for easy reference.

This is especially helpful if you are a designer or photographer looking for a convenient way to keep track of your creative concepts and photo shoot plans. Additionally, having a whiteboard in your workspace can also be useful for organizing and planning the layout of a room or office space. Moreover, it can serve as a great surface for displaying an advertisement or promotional message, making it a versatile tool for both personal and professional use.

The addition of a corkboard is also worth considering as it provides an opportunity to tack up important notes for future reference in your space. This will allow you to easily organize and display photos, enhancing the design of your interiors.

The Tenon Adjustable Desk

Tenon smart adjustable stand desk

Beflo’s Tenon adjustable sit-stand desk is optimal for small offices. This small home office ideas hack empowers you to sit or stand as desired throughout the workday. The Tenon luxury desk is modular, ergonomically comfortable, and customizable. Choose this modern desk for your small home office and you’ll immediately appreciate its minimalist design as well as its flexibility that accommodates a litany of accessories for productivity maximization.

The best part is the desk is designed for both sitting and standing in your home space, empowering you to work while comfortably seated or when standing upright for optimal blood flow and unparalleled comfort. Capture a photo of your space's interiors with this versatile desk. Additional features of the Tenon luxury desk include standard USB and power outlets, a companion app, and a touch screen for convenient use in interiors. Capture the elegance of this design with a photo. 

Small Office Design: Creative Storage Solutions

Excelling in a small home office space requires creative design and the clever use of interiors. With limited area, it is essential to maximize every inch for a functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace. Implement strategic creative solutions for home interiors design and you’ll find storing and accessing office sundries in your photo home is that much easier. Here’s how to do it.

Vertical Storage

When the word "storage" is used in the context of home interiors, most people think of cabinets, basements, attics, and garages. These spaces are essential for organizing and storing belongings. To showcase the functionality and aesthetics of these storage solutions, a photo of a well-designed home interior can be quite inspiring. Most storage solutions are voluminous space-eaters. Instead of resorting to unnecessarily large storage solutions that take up your limited home office space, maximize the utility of the area with vertical storage. This will help create a more efficient and organized interiors for your home office. Additionally, consider incorporating design elements that enhance the overall aesthetics of the space. Don't forget to capture a photo of your beautifully designed home office to share with others who are looking for inspiration in their own design projects.

Make use of the space beneath the ceiling and also the area directly above the desk in order to optimize your interior design. These often-neglected home interiors can be easily converted into vertical storage shelves that store boxes with clear markings for easy access. The design of these shelves allows for efficient organization and maximizes the use of space in your home. Additionally, having a photo of the contents of each box can further enhance the accessibility and functionality of this storage solution. Though you might need a stepstool to reach your vertical storage spaces in your home, using such a form of elevation is a minor inconvenience for interior design.

Multifunctional Furniture

Furniture can do more than merely provide a comfy space for grinding out work. As an example, Tenon’s Flow Kit connects to your desk for enhanced flexibility made possible through consolidation. The Flow Kit complements the Tenon Desk, helping to keep accessories and cables perfectly organized. The kit includes essential accessories that optimize your connectivity while simultaneously managing your cables. The end result is a clutter-free desk.

Under Desk Accessory Mount and Hanging Pouch

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could mount your essential small home office accessories directly beneath your desk? You can do exactly that with the Beflo Clast – Under Desk Accessory Mount. This space-saving tool empowers you to attach your accessories to your desk, mount all devices/cords, and ultimately work with efficiency. The Clast mount makes it easy to connect accessories ranging from power trips to routers, chargers, and more, ensuring they remain out of sight below your workspace. The mount slides directly in place and holds secure, providing invaluable peace of mind.

Add the Dale hanging pouch to your small home office and this desk organizer will take your productivity to the next level. Crafted from sturdy plastic, this unique system for small home office design storage helps maintain a clean desk so you can focus on work. The pouch contains several elastic pockets including larger pockets to accommodate laptops and tablets. The Dale hanging pouch is designed with a steel frame that empowers you to secure all devices without creating a mess on your desk. The pouch is expertly designed to directly connect to the Tenon side-rail for easy installation and access.

Small Home Office Ideas: Room and Furniture Arrangement

The decisions you make when organizing your small home office ultimately shape your productivity and peace of mind (or lack thereof). Arrange your furniture the right way and you’ll find your work more efficiently and comfortably.

Sit-Stand Desk

A sit-stand desk is the focal point of the best small home office designs. Choose the Tenon Desk for your small home office and you’ll find its elite ergonomics empower you to work exactly as you desire. The desk is height adjustable and fully adaptable to your unique home office and personal posture. In fact, the desk quickly adjusts to your liking with the press of a button. You can customize your Tenon Desk all the more with the addition of more than 15 accessories.

Stair Landing

An alcove maximizes the space available for working in cramped quarters. Make use of a stair landing for work and you’ll be surprisingly comfy while making the most of your home’s square footage. Though this approach to small home office design demonstrates irreverence for convention, it is highly effective.

Bring out the best in the space with the addition of pull-out drawers, cupboards, and even a small storage cart. Maintain a laser-like focus on your work and you’ll lose sight of the fact that you are working in tight quarters.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves might seem a bit more like kitchen or living room space-saving ideas, yet they are widely used in small home office designs around the world. Add one or several floating shelves to your cramped home office and you’ll make the most of your small space. Above all, ensure that the floating shelf has the depth necessary to accommodate items of varying sizes.

Light Your Workspace

small home office workspace lighting

When it comes to home design, when in doubt, err on the side of more light rather than less. A surplus of light in your home design eases the strain on your eyes, ultimately helping you work more efficiently. Position your home office computer near a window for optimal design, and add several lights above, behind, and to the sides of your workspace to enhance the overall aesthetic. From home design to floor lamps, desk lights, and utilitarian task lighting, every source of light is meaningful. As an example of home design, positioning your desk and office chair near wall sconces that can be adjusted makes it that much easier to see your workspace with perfect clarity. Design your home with task lighting that is connected directly to the wall or ceiling. This design choice will minimize clutter and create an optimal workspace for you to work at your best.

Make the Most of Your Space with Beflo

Beflo's designs make it easy to fulfill your true potential in a home office, regardless of its size. With Beflo's innovative design solutions, you can optimize your workspace and create an environment that promotes productivity and creativity. Whether you have a small or large home office, Beflo's designs will help you maximize the use of space while maintaining a stylish and functional aesthetic. Experience the transformative power of Beflo's design for your home office today. Implement the design tips and ideas detailed above, choose from Beflo’s wide array of products and you’ll finally be comfortable working from home. Check out our online inventory today to learn more about how Beflo’s products will bring out the best in your home office’s utility and aesthetics.

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