Do I need to make an account and log in at Beflo before purchasing a desk?

Yes, you will need to create an account at Beflo before placing an order for the Tenon sit-stand modular desk. This is needed to verify your purchase and to provide you with full support. You will also use this same account to log in to our app giving you access to your own user data, as well as enabling control over Tenon's full range of features.

My assembly instruction is missing, what do I do?

You can find all of the Beflo product manuals at Check this video out for more help in the assembly of the Tenon sit-stand desk:

How do I update the Tenon desk's firmware?

If your new Tenon desk is connected to Wi-Fi it is as easy as checking the settings icon to see if there is an update available. This is indicated by a badge on the top right of the icon. Press the settings icon and it would notify you of the available update and you can install it with a few simple clicks. You can also update by using the app, in which case it will let you know an update is available in the settings, which you can find on the top right corner of the screen.

Can I choose a specific delivery date or time?

Regarding the delivery of our products, we use two different methods depending on the item. For the Tenon, we will personally contact you to schedule a delivery time that works best for you. For all other products shipped via FedEx, we unfortunately do not have direct control over the delivery process. However, you will be given a delivery window upon completion of your purchase. On average, transit times range between 5-14 days. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to get your order to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How can I choose more colors of my desk light?

You can select the full spectrum of colors for the Horizon Light Diffuser as well as set multi-color presets using our Beflo app on your iPhone.

Is shipping included in the price?

The shipping cost is dependent on your location and will be calculated during the checkout process. We do not offer a fixed rate shipping fee.

How do I turn off the desk touch screen?

You can easily turn off the touch OLED by swiping down from the top of the screen. Similarly, swiping up goes to the home screen. And double tapping the screen when it is off, or during the unlock screen, is a convenient shortcut to switch between the sit and stand preset for the desk!

How do I use the Tenon cable management system?

The Tenon sit-stand modular desk comes with two cable storage spaces built into the hardware box underneath the desktop. The “Vine”, our tear-off velcro straps also allow you to wrap cables with velcro so you can attach them to the velcro strip that runs along the width of the desk by the desktop slot. This keeps cables neatly in place on their way from devices to the cable storage spaces.

Where are the Tenon built-in charging ports?

The Tenon modular desk features four standard power sockets positioned near the right side of the desktop slot. Underneath the touch OLED you’ll find a USB A, USB C as well as a female 3,5mm headphone jack.

How do I connect my Tenon desk to WiFi?

Using the Beflo app, press the settings icon located on the top right corner of the screen, then select “Wi-Fi connection. The rest is easy, just follow the instructions provided by the app!

How does the Tenon desk’s motion sensor work?

The U-sensor mounted underneath the Tenon desktop senses both motion and infrared (body heat). It will sense when you leave your desk so that the standing timer won't remind thin air to stand up. When you return to your desk the timer will automatically continue or restart depending on how long you were away. If you leave the sit-stand desk long enough the desk light will also turn off on its own and then back on when you return.

What is the difference between Tenon and Tenon Premium desks?

The Tenon modular sit-stand desk ships without the Flow Kit (but can be added on as a set during the purchase of the Tenon modular desk) and has a painted plywood desktop while the Tenon Premium modular desk has the Flow Kit included and features high-quality hardwood desktops with a durable and water-resistant coating.

My Tenon desk shows an error code, what does it mean?

There are various error codes related to different issues that may arise with the Tenon desk’s firmware or hardware. You can see what each code means in the Tenon User Manual, both your paper copy or our downloadable PDF at

How do I connect my phone to the desk?

Connecting your phone to the desk is done by opening our Beflo app and pressing the “connect desk” button. If you allow camera access the phone will then be able to scan the QR code in the settings menu on your Tenon desk. If you have issues with scanning the QR code, reach out to use at and we will help you out.

Will there be more Tenon desk accessories in the future?

Yes! We aim to create a full experience with everything you need. Stick with us and eventually, you’ll be able to outfit your entire home office with Beflo smart tech-enabled necessities.