Vine - Tear-Off Velcro Cord Straps

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Eliminate your cable chaos with Vine velcro straps. Keep all your wires neatly bound, down to the last inch, with these tear-off velcro straps that conveniently secure to the built-in velcro panel underneath the Tenon desk. Make every day organized and tidy with a simple pull and rip of one of these velcro straps! Vine velcro straps give you maximum convenience with minimum effort.


• Easy and intuitive use
• Rip and pull velcro wire strap to any custom length
• Velcro straps attach directly to the velcro panel beneath the Tenon desk
• Re-usable
• Free of adhesives and chemicals


• 0.0206 kg
• 3.8 x 3.8 x 0.5inch
• 12mm x 3 meters

What's in the box

• 3 meter Velcro strip

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