A woman sits at a Tenon desk from Beflo

Our Story

Our story starts with one global pandemic. In a matter of weeks, we were all ordered to work from home, and it wasn’t pretty—we used our kitchen tables for desks and appropriated hulking black chairs from the office, thinking it would only last a month or two—were we ever wrong.

With the majority of us still working from home, we knew it was high time we make your desk somewhere you want to sit (or stand), even when you’re not working. Because home offices aren’t just used for working—they’re used for workouts, movie nights, and zoom dates with family and friends.

Hailing from careers in industrial design and technology—with clients like Apple and Google—our small team has reimagined what working from home looks like. We didn’t compromise form for function—we married them. Because we happen to believe working from home shouldn’t feel like work.

Our Philosophy

We believe happiness comes from being in the state of flow with everything we do at home.

With the boundaries of work and life becoming increasingly blurred, and with distractions ever increasing, finding focus and remaining in the zone is now harder than ever. But in order to meet all of life’s priorities, be it work, family, or health related, finding ways to concentrate and getting things done is critical. And given that this new normal is set to continue, it is important to find joy in this journey, to sustain a harmonious lifestyle.

We believe that being in a state of flow helps to achieve a deeper sense of happiness in the present moment. To help you reach that state, we have developed seamless, ergonomic and tech-enabled solutions that match your lifestyle and preferences.

We do this through a focus on product innovation, ergonomic design that works for you, thoughtful touches to improve your holistic wellbeing through a hassle-free user experience.

Find focus, Enjoy the moment, Feel happy

Made for work, designed for your home office

You spend a third of your life working, so we designed the Tenon desk to make work feel less like work. Sure, you have to be productive, but your WFH desk has to be adaptive, taking you from a weekday to the weekend. It should make your home more beautiful and your office more functional. It should help you find that elusive flow state.

With modern design, clean lines, and integrated technology, the Tenon desk is up to the task.

We wanted to reimagine the home office as a sanctuary where creativity meets productivity. Our goal was to craft a top of the line sit-stand desk that acts as an extension of your personal style and allows you to curate the ideal home office space for maximum efficiency. None of the sit-stand desks on the market lived up to our dreams, so we created the Tenon desk. A sit-stand desk that’s the perfect balance of beauty and functionality. A desk that’s built for both work and home. One that’s made to help you find your flow.