Exploring The Journey Of Mica: A Wireless Charger Companion To Tenon

Mica A Wireless Charger Companion To Tenon

Today, we're thrilled to draw back the curtain and invite you into the fascinating journey that led to the creation of Mica, our groundbreaking wireless charger. As we navigate through the pre-order phase, we're excited to offer you an intimate glimpse into the heart of Mica's conception and development, as we approach the highly anticipated release.

From Idea to Reality: The Spark That Ignited Mica

Every great innovation begins with a simple spark of inspiration, and Mica was no different. The idea to craft a product that seamlessly complements Tenon, our smart standing desk, set our team's creative gears in motion. One crucial aspect of Tenon's design philosophy – cable management – played a significant role in shaping Mica's direction.

Embracing a Solution-Oriented Approach

You may have noticed a not-so-small detail about most wireless chargers – they're not entirely "wireless" in the truest sense. The presence of a charging cable, although not directly plugged into the phone, still lingers. This revelation prompted us to tackle this challenge head-on, aiming to redefine what it means for a charger to be truly "wireless."

Discovering Mortise: Where Form Meets Function

As we pondered solutions, we were keen on creating a wireless charger that could seamlessly integrate with Tenon to fully embrace the concept of a wireless workspace. Enter mortise – a slot integrated into Tenon's desktop, designed primarily for cable management. To make our vision possible, we explored a simple yet clever concept – having the charger tuck into the mortise slot. This idea effectively hid the cable, introducing a world of design possibilities.

Design Synergy: Mica and Tenon Unite

One key decision profoundly influenced Mica's evolution – it needed to hold its own while harmonizing with Tenon and its companions. With many chargers flaunting a flat design, we sought inspiration from a complementary accessory. Our Moss desk mat, a flat and flexible product crafted from vegan PU leather, was the perfect match.

Personalized to Perfection

We understand that each individual has their unique device placement preference. Some prefer their phone adjacent to the mouse, while others favor a more peripheral location. Mica accommodates your individuality with grace. Placing it near or within the mortise slot ensures an organized and sleek setup, keeping cables unobtrusive. Yet, Mica's adaptable form allows it to lay flat, offering you the freedom to choose your desired placement.

The Evolutionary Process

Keen observers might have caught a glimpse of an early prototype even before Tenon's debut. This initial iteration showcased a double coil setup – a feature that, upon deliberation, we decided to refine further.

The Quest for Simplicity

Amid our exploration, we encountered technical challenges with the dual coil approach. We opted to pivot and embrace a single coil design, aligning with our vision of a clutter-free workspace characterized by simplicity and elegance.

Conquering Overheating Woes

Overheating – a familiar woe, whether from intense activities or even our cherished devices. Our initial prototype faced this issue, lacking proper heat dissipation. In response, innovative solutions emerged. Tiny feet were introduced, elevating Mica to allow airflow beneath. A strategic metal heat sink efficiently redirects heat away from the coil, fostering a comfortably cool environment.

The Present and Beyond

Fast forward to today – the enhanced Mica, complete with its refined design and advanced heat management, has entered production. This version, which you've had the opportunity to pre-order, embodies our commitment to excellence. Soon, Mica will embark on its journey to those who share our pursuit of streamlined functionality.

The Path Ahead

The journey doesn't end here. We're excited to continue venturing into the boundless realms of innovation and creativity. Stay tuned for more captivating insights and discoveries.

As we conclude this enlightening excursion into the birth of Mica, we're filled with gratitude for the opportunity to share this remarkable journey with you. Join us in celebrating the fusion of technology, design, and functionality – an ode to the modern workspace's evolution.

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