The Power Of Visualization and Creating Your Dream Workspace

Dream workspace with beflo luxury sit-stand desk

5 Ways to Turn Your Vision into Reality


Do you find yourself struggling to stay focused and productive throughout the workday? Are distractions and a lack of motivation preventing you from achieving your full potential? The secret to supercharging your work days might be closer than you think. Imagine stepping into your dream workspace, a place where everything is perfectly designed to enhance your productivity and creativity. You easily slip into the flow state with the perfect ambiance, revealing extraordinary focus, inspiration, and enhanced output. It might sound too good to be true. Still, numerous studies in psychology, neuroscience, and sports science support the positive effects of visualization techniques on various aspects of human performance, such as sports performance, skill acquisition, goal attainment, and overall well-being.

Visualization can be a transformative tool even if you’re currently working a job that doesn't inspire you, in between jobs, or attempting to work from home at the kitchen table without a dedicated workspace. At beflo, we realized these challenges and how visualization could help us - early on at the onset of the pandemic. Many people were left to work from home with temporary makeshift solutions. No one knew that working from home would become the new normal.  We believe that visualization can help propel you toward achieving your dream workspace and other life aspirations. Join us on an inspiring quest to visualize and create your dream workspace, unlocking its potential to optimize your workdays with actionable tips for turning this vision into reality.


The Power of Visualization:

Visualization is a powerful technique used by athletes, performers, and successful professionals to achieve their goals. It involves creating a mental image of your desired outcome or environment. By visualizing your dream workspace, you can train your mind to focus on what you genuinely want and increase your motivation to turn that vision into reality. Here are five ways to turn your vision into reality. 

1. Define Your Ideal Workspace:

Close your eyes and imagine your perfect workspace. What colors do you see? How is the lighting? What furniture and equipment are there? See yourself using that desk, sitting on that chair, typing on that keyboard. Immerse yourself in whatever comes to mind. Do you smell anything? How’s the room temperature? Take some time to viscerally feel all the elements that come into your mind’s eye. Remember, this space should reflect your personality and your work style. It should be uniquely, and beautifully, tailored to you. 

2. Create a Vision Board:

Once you have your vision in mind, it's time to take those mental images and put them into something more tangible. Compile images, magazine clippings, or digital pictures that represent elements of your dream workspace. These could be pictures of beautiful offices, inspiring quotes, specific furniture, or anything else that resonates with your ideal setup. Arrange these images on a vision board or a digital collage to create a visual representation of your dream workspace. We personally love perusing Architectural Digest for inspiration and creating dream boards on Pinterest. Once done, make sure your vision board is placed somewhere visible and easily accessible to you. If it's a physical board, it doesn't necessarily need to be hung on the wall, but if it's a digital version, saving it as your wallpaper or screensaver can be an effective way to keep it in sight frequently. This way, the vision board can serve as a constant reminder and inspiration for your goals and aspirations.

3. Sketch or Use a Virtual Design Tool:

If you have a specific layout in mind, consider sketching it on paper. You don't need to be an artist; a simple rough drawing will do. Alternatively, use virtual design tools or software to create a digital representation of your dream workspace. These tools often allow you to experiment with different layouts, colors, and furniture without committing to any physical changes. At beflo, we’ve partnered with 3D and AR provider, Vectary, so you can easily see how our Tenon luxury sit-stand desk would live in your space before you buy. We urge you to give it a try! 


beflo X Vectary AR tool for visualizing interior spaces with the Tenon luxury sit-stand desk


4. Take Action Steps:

Now that you have a clearer visualization of your dream workspace, it's time to turn it into reality. Break down your visualization with these 4 steps. 

Step 1: Declutter

Start by decluttering and organizing your current workspace. At beflo, we liken the Tenon Smart Adjustable Desk to the Marie Kondo of desks and even the queen of organization advocates for imagining your ideal lifestyle before you begin. 

Step 2: Make Small Changes

Identify elements from your vision board that you can incorporate right away, such as adding plants, rearranging furniture, or painting the walls. Gradually work towards acquiring the essential elements that make up your dream workspace, such as an ergonomic chair, proper lighting, or a standing desk.

Step 3: Personalize It

Make your workspace uniquely yours by adding personal touches. Hang up motivational quotes, photos of loved ones, or artwork that inspires you. Surrounding yourself with positive and meaningful elements can significantly impact your mindset and boost your productivity. When it comes to creating a workspace you love, Marie Kondo suggests adding a single item to your desk that is certain to ignite joy, whether it's a small trinket or a vibrant element like a plant or a vase of flowers. We love this idea, but make sure it’s something you also envision in your dream workspace. 

Step 4: Materialize Your Vision in Real-Life Settings

To bring your dream workspace to life, take proactive steps in the real world to immerse yourself in the environment you envision. This involves visiting showrooms, furniture stores, or upscale shared workspace places such as NeueHouse that closely resemble your dream workspace. By physically being in these spaces, you can fully engage your senses and make your visualization even more tangible.


Visualizing and setting up your dream workspace with a luxury Tenon sit-stand desk


5. Repeat and Reinforce:

The power of repetition cannot be underestimated when it comes to manifesting your dream workspace. To turn your vision into a reality, continue reinforcing your visualization regularly. Repetition helps solidify your goals, keeps you focused, and strengthens your commitment to achieving anything in life. Set aside time each day to close your eyes and revisit your ideal workspace. Consistent reinforcement will ultimately help you take the necessary steps to transform your dream workspace from a mere visualization into a concrete achievement.


Creating your dream workspace might not happen overnight. Be patient and focus on making incremental improvements to align your current space with your dream space. Visualization is a powerful tool that can drive you towards optimizing your workdays and achieving your goals. By creating a workspace that aligns with your vision and needs, you set the stage for enhanced productivity, creativity, and overall well-being.

Take the first step today—start visualizing and implementing changes to transform your current workspace into a dream destination for productivity. Remember, it's not just about aesthetics; it's about creating an environment that energizes and motivates you to thrive in your professional endeavors. Your dream workspace awaits, and so does your most productive self!

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