Sustainability: A Beflo Core Value

Sustainability: A Beflo Core Value - Beflo

Sustainability is the buzzword of the 2020s. If it feels like we are in the after-party, cleaning up the mess made during the previous couple decades, it is because we are. The global population has soared across the previous half-century, polluting the planet and zapping its finite resources. Words such as “sustainability”, “scarcity”, and “posterity” will characterize the discourse in the years and decades to come, and for a good reason. 

Sustainability is essential to maintaining the integrity of the planet as well as our collective quality of life. We have an obligation to the future. If the collective of humanity adopts the ethos of sustainability, we will serve as the vanguard for Generation Z, Generation Alpha and the age cohorts that follow. Even minor alterations to daily living and work have the potential to add to a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Choose to buy your home office items, consumer products, and other items from ethical companies such as Beflo that “walk the talk” of the sustainability mantra and you’ll sleep soundly knowing you’ve done your part to sustain the planet’s environment and habitability. In this blog post, we’re breaking down how Beflo incorporates sustainability into all of our products, business practices and daily actions. 

Beflo’s 5 Sustainability Principles

Beflo takes pride in being different from the rest of the home office  pack, partially because we follow through on our promise of making truly sustainable products. Our brand’s efforts are shaped by our commitment to environmental preservation that mitigates harm to the planet. 

The Beflo team practices what it preaches by developing, manufacturing and selling home office solutions that minimize the strain on the environment and ultimately advance the human condition for posterity’s sake.

Sustainable stand desk

Beflo’s products are sustainable, especially when juxtaposed with those of the competition. However, most consumers are understandably unaware as to what, exactly, distinguishes a sustainable home office item from our catalog from one that is non-sustainable. Some big box brands that have saturated the mainstream of the home office market make furniture and accessories with materials that cannot be recycled. These massive corporations create pollution during the manufacturing process. The “Big Boxes” of the world also ship materials and products from distant locations that ultimately wastes our limited fossil fuels while simultaneously polluting the environment.

In contrast, Beflo’s products are built with the environment and future generations of humanity squarely in mind. Take a deep dive into our home office collection and you will find thoughtfully designed items that are more durable and reliable than those offered by the competition. Instead of using veneered MDF with cardboard to create products, we use comparably sturdier materials that stand the test of time. 

Beflo’s signature Tenon desk is made of premium, Walnut, Red Oak or Grey Plywood, long-lasting and recyclable materials, especially compared to our competitor’s who use a soft honeycomb cardboard core in their products. We’ve made the decision to bypass low-cost, low-quality materials in favor of sustainable practices that produce truly elite home office products that stand the test of time without compromising our increasingly sensitive environment.  

The bottom line is Beflo’s line of home office products lasts longer than the competition, ultimately benefiting you, the consumer, as well as the entirety of society, the planet and its inhabitants. Here are the five sustainability principles that guide us as an organization committed to reducing any harmful impact we have on the environment to the greatest extent possible. 

Durable Design

Durable materials

Efficient and artful design is at the heart of every successful home office. Our product engineering team has invested countless hours carefully designing home office products to minimize waste. Our products are well-made, do not fall apart, sag, rust or deteriorate in other ways. As long as you use our Desk Mat and other products for their intended purpose, they will not show signs of aging. Sort through our home office product inventory and you will find products characterized by ease of use, efficiency, adaptive comfort, innovation and a holistic purpose.

Durable Materials

Materials are at the core of our home office products. Our products consist of high-quality materials that hold strong for years and decades. Examples of the long-lasting materials we use for our product inventory include steel, hardwood and aluminum. 

Responsibly Sourced Materials

The materials used in the manufacturing of our product line are central to our company’s identity and purpose. As an example, we strive to source plastics with recycled content from high-quality sources. Our engineering team uses vegan PU leather for our Desk Mat as opposed to animal products that require environmental strain. 

We even go to the extent of responsibly sourcing the wood used in our Tenon desk and other accessories, meaning Beflo’s product inventory does not contribute to illegal rainforest destruction.

Fewer Adhesives Used

Sustainable materials for stand desk

Adhesives are necessary for home office product packaging simply because boxing would come undone if it did not stick to itself. However, we limit the use of our adhesives as they have the potential to prove toxic to the environment. Adhesives also have the potential to cause problems in the context of causing cardboard, paper and other materials to stick together to the point that they cannot be properly separated for recycling purposes. 

We use quality materials to minimize the need for adhesives, ultimately using as few as possible without compromising the integrity of protective packaging. As an example, we’ve gone to great lengths to create a Tenon Desk with a mechanical construction that is efficient, green and sustainable.

Minimalist Packaging

Beflo’s sustainable furniture is different from the rest additionally due to our minimalist packaging. Our product packaging team has gone to great lengths to minimize the carbon footprint of our office item production and packaging processes. 

We limit our product packaging to simple paper, cardboard boxes and adhesives, only utilizing strictly necessary materials. 

How to Incorporate Sustainability into Your Daily Life

Sustainable desktop

Everyone  can do your part to live and work sustainably. In particular, implementing the following five simple ways to live sustainably will help future generations of humanity and the planet.

  • Reduce waste: Recycle, repurpose and donate items instead of trashing them.
  • Conserve energy: Unplug electronics before leaving the house for the day or for vacation.
  • Use environmentally friendly products: Choose Beflo’s sustainable products for your home office and you’ll do your part to preserve the integrity of our sensitive planet.
  • Reduce water usage: Set a timer when taking a shower, water the lawn or landscaping on alternating days and consider adding rain collection basins to filter rainwater for use inside and outside of the home.
  • Support sustainable businesses: Choose Beflo’s products for your home office and you’ll rest easy knowing the company you’ve selected for your home office needs aligns with your belief in living and working sustainably.

Make the Most of Your Space with Beflo

Beflo has your home office needs covered. We make it easy to work from home with our high tech and beautifully designed Tenon premium desk and line of signature accessories.. Just as important is the fact that our products make it easier for you to adopt and practice sustainable habits. 

Take a look at our home office solutions for yourself, add Beflo products to your workspace and you’ll find our mantra of sustainability and efficiency rings true. Browse our catalog to learn more about our Tenon Desk and accessories.


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