Piecing Plateau: Our Modular Desk Shelf

Piecing Plateau: Our Modular Desk Shelf

At Beflo, our journey began during a time of unexpected change when the global pandemic pushed us to reimagine our homes as workspaces. We felt the need to transform our makeshift setups into something more than just a desk; we aimed to create an environment where functionality meets elegance. Today, we are excited to offer you a sneak peek behind the curtain, introducing you to our upcoming creation: Plateau, the desk shelf designed to complement our Tenon desk seamlessly.

The Tenon Connection

Creating a desk shelf that complements our Tenon desk was no small feat. We set out with a clear goal: Plateau had to be a perfect match for Tenon, enhancing its functionality while preserving its aesthetic appeal. To achieve this, we faced several design challenges head-on.

Unobstructed Elegance

One of the primary considerations was ensuring that Plateau did not obstruct the slot in our Tenon desk's desktop, leaving you with the option to fully utilize our cable management system, or leave space for accessories such as Syncline, our laptop holder, or Eclipse.. We wanted Plateau to blend in, becoming a natural extension of your workspace. This led us to a its four legged design feature allowing cables to follow any path you desire, keeping your workspace tidy and uncluttered.

Innovative Attachment Points

Plateau's innovation shines through its double-layered design. The gap between these layers serves as an attachment point, running along the entire edge of Plateau. This ingenious feature enables us to design various attachments that seamlessly fit into this gap. Currently, we offer attachments designed to hold your Apple Watch charger for convenient charging and a holder for your phone. The phone holder is engineered to keep your phone upright in an easily viewable screen position while still accommodating a charging cable. This cable also acts as a secure anchor, ensuring your phone stays firmly in place, perfectly centered within the holder.

Drawer Module for Organization

To enhance your workspace setup even further, Plateau comes equipped with a versatile drawer module. Here, you can neatly store stationary items, small paperwork, and more. The drawer can also be removed and used as a tray, providing a convenient storage solution for your laptop. The drawer opening itself becomes a great place to keep your laptop, allowing you to maximize space and keep your workspace organized.

Perfectly Sized for the Apple Studio

We understand the importance of a clutter-free workspace. To cater to this need, Plateau was meticulously designed to accommodate the Apple Studio's body, allowing it to fit snugly underneath. This feature ensures that your workspace remains clean and organized while keeping essential tools within easy reach.

Two Sizes for Your Needs

Plateau comes in two sizes to suit your workspace requirements. Additionally, it is perfectly designed to accommodate the upcoming smaller version of Tenon, Tenon Mini. If you've had your eye on Tenon but felt it was too bulky for your workspace, fret not—Tenon Mini is on its way to cater to your needs.

Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare to launch Plateau, the ideal companion for your Tenon workspace.  

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