Plateau - Desk Shelf

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Immerse yourself in our philosophy through Plateau - where elegance meets functionality. Tailored for your Tenon SmartDesk, Plateau revolutionizes your desk shelf, enhancing productivity and infusing joy into every moment. Crafted to perfection, Plateau embodies beflo's values, providing a haven of creativity and efficiency at home.

Modern design, integrated technology, and clean lines converge on the Tenon desk, harmoniously merging work and life, guiding you toward that coveted flow state.

Please note this is Pre-Order, we aim to ship it out in 3 months.

Features you will love
  • Unique through-desktop design
  • Tenon-exclusive
  • Maximum minimalistic aesthetic


Weight capacities

  • 10.1-12.1lb (4.6-5.5kg)
  • 12.2-14.3lb (5.6-6.5kg)
    (Apple Studio Display)
  • 14.5-17.6lb (6.6-8kg)
    (Apple  Pro Display).
Materials & Certifications
  • Full Aluminum Body
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