At The Basecamp Of Productivity With Interior Design Aficionado, Michael Soledad

At The Basecamp Of Productivity With Interior Design Aficionado, Michael Soledad - Beflo

beflo unpacks how this busy influencer and dad stays focused as he jumps from task to task and maintains his creative flo

Amidst the hustle of work and the bustle of fatherhood, Michael Soledad's journey epitomizes boundless creativity, unwavering dedication, and meticulous attention to detail. A work-from-home maestro and workspace enthusiast, he passionately enhances the at home working experience through captivating content. 

Join us as we unveil his profession, work routines, and the secrets to sustaining creativity amid a busy schedule.

beflo: How would you describe your profession?

Michael: The easy answer would be “influencer” but it’s not something I prefer to be called. To describe what I do is I create content that helps elevate the work-from-home experience. This covers a wide range of products and services from tech to home décor.

beflo: How long would you say your workday is? When do you typically start and then shut the computer down? 

Michael: My line of work is unique in the sense that I don’t have a set schedule. During really busy days I may start as early as 4am and close out at 11pm. Typically though I try to stick to a 6am to 4pm schedule.


Image of the Michael Soledad Tenon Desk setup


beflo: When you are full-on working, what position are you in? What do you listen to while you work? What is the light and air quality like?

Michael: When I’m in the zone, I’m usually sitting down while listening to instrumental music. I like a natural light in my space but if I’m working at night, subtle ambient lighting is what I prefer. As far as air quality goes, I haven’t given it much thought but we do have automatic air-freshener throughout our home. I suppose having one of those in my home office would make the experience working in there much more pleasant.

beflo: What programs or apps do you use daily? What is your hard- and software stack? 

Michael: My daily favorites are my tactile keyboard and noise cancelling headphones. I also keep a note pad and pen close by. Interacting with physical objects helps me focus on the task at hand – that’s why I prefer handwritten reminders over typing in a digital notepad. Software-wise, I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign the most. When I’m editing my YouTube videos, I use Final Cut Pro and GarageBand. Other productivity apps I use are BetterDisplay, to easily adjust the resolution of my screens, and HiddenMe, an app that hides clutter from my desktop.

beflo: What can you tell us about your Mon-Fri routine?

Michael: I wake up way before my children. I use this time to work out and feed my creativity. 7am is when my wife and I get our children ready for school. After I drop them off, I usually eat breakfast around 8:30am. 9am is when my meetings start, and these can last until about 11:30am. Creative work begins after that until about 3pm when I must pick up the kids from school. Responding to emails happen afterwards and usually continues until bedtime. Scheduling is a tricky thing when you’re a content creator and a parent.beflo: Tell us how you work and transition from tasks.

Michael: When you’re a parent who works from home, it’s very easy to be distracted and be pulled away constantly – this is a reality I just had to accept. For me to get in the right mindset, I’ve learned that allotting myself a set amount of time to work on a given task is very helpful. This is why I keep a cube timer on my desk (physical device instead of a digital app). Even if I can only give myself 10-15 minutes for each task, I am able to transition more easily between them and I can actually get more work done as well.

beflo: Please describe your previous WFH setup. What did you like and dislike about your previous workspace and routine position?

Michael: I liked everything about my previous WFH setup. The one thing I learned after working from home for the last four years is that it will constantly evolve. My current setup is simply a natural progression of my career and personality. Also, variety is good. It helps feed my creative spirit.


Image closeup of Michael Soledad desk setup


beflo:  How is the Tenon desk working out for you?

Michael: It’s been amazing! I was pleasantly surprised at how well packaged it came. The unboxing was very organized for a desk which gives off a premium feel. Assembly was also very simple and not intimidating at all. I especially liked the large instruction manual printed on the packaging. It was very convenient having this propped against the wall instead of having to constantly looking at a small instruction manual.

My favorite part of the Tenon desk is the integrated outlet underneath the desk. I think all desks should have this. My favorite beflo accessory is the Valley pegboard as it gives me a lot of storage space for small desk items.


Closeup image of the Customizable Ambient Light Strip


Feature-wise, the ambient lighting is subtle and unique. Letting me customize it using the app is the cherry-on-top of the cake. The control module is also very beautifully integrated on the tabletop. It feels modern and appropriate for the design of the desk.beflo: How has your WFH experience changed since trying out the Tenon desk and accessories?

Michael: My whole brand is based on “elevating the work-from-home experience.” The Tenon desk has definitely done that and I’m very pleased.

beflo: Are there other products you’d like to see launched by beflo?

Michael: I would love an accessory that mounts two monitors. A choice of a longer desk and different colors/finishes would be great, too.

beflo: When you think of beflo, what three words come to mind?
Michael: Premium, clean, modern.

beflo: How does the desk and setup make you feel?
Michael: I feel inspired and at home—two things you want in your own home office space.

To learn more about Michael, follow him on Instagram and YouTube 

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