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At beflo, we're all about enhancing your workspace for peace and productivity. The Thuja Headset Stand embodies this ethos, blending sleek black aluminum with the inviting warmth of walnut wood. Versatile in design, it seamlessly integrates with our Tenon Desk or stands alone on any surface, adding style to any decor.

Designed for versatility, Thuja features a detachable base that can be mounted onto Tenon for a seamless look, or used as a traditional stand on any surface.

Please note this is Pre-Order, we aim to ship it out in 3 months.


🎧 Ergonomic Elegance: Elevate your audio experience with Thuja, designed to bring your headphones to an accessible, ergonomic position, reducing clutter and enhancing ease of use.

🎨 Refined Aesthetics: Enhance your desk's visual appeal with Thuja's sleek, minimalist design that beautifully melds black aluminum and warm walnut tones, complementing any workspace decor.

💍 Small Item Storage: The stable base of Thuja isn't just for looks; it's a practical tray for keeping small desk items like paper clips or personal jewelry, helping maintain a tidy workspace.

🔌 Functional Versatility: Adapt your workspace to your style with Thuja’s detachable and mountable base design. Whether attached to the Tenon Desk series or used standalone, it offers practical flexibility.

🖥️ Tech-Integrated Design: Thuja is built for the modern professional. With a specially designed groove for charging cables, it ensures your headphones are charged without adding to cord clutter.


Width: 4.8 x 4.8 in. / 12 x 12 cm
Height: 11.4 in. / 29 cm
Weight: 0.9 lbs / 417 g

What's in the box

Outer Pillar x1
Inner Pillar x1
Wooden Stick x1
Weight Base x1
Mount Base x1
Grommet Mount Kit x1

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