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The Obsidian aroma diffuser allows you to infuse your workday with the scent of your choice. Simply swap the branded tile neighboring the touch OLED for the diffuser of your choice. Whether you want to relax with the earthy aroma of Gaia or energize yourself with the fresh scent of Astro, the Obsidian desk diffuser makes it easy to create an atmosphere that helps you get the most out of your day. So ditch the corporate cubicle and upgrade to a desk that enhances both your productivity and your holistic well-being. Obsidian ships with three aroma blocks containing the two available fragrances, which are also available for purchase separately. The Obsidian is the ultimate diffuser for office desks.


• Enhance your wellbeing and productivity through aromatherapy
• Easily customize scent strength by flipping Obsidian upside down
• Switch and replace fragrance diffuser blocks to create your dream work environment
•Developed especially for the Tenon desk and slots into built-in panel
• Stay tuned! Additional colors and finishes are coming soon


• 0.047
• 1.4 x 1.4 x 0.4 inch

What's in the box

• Obsidian casing
• 3 Aroma blocks
• User manual

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