In the [be]flo with Author and Supermodel, Sarah DeAnna

In the [be]flo with Author and Supermodel, Sarah DeAnna - Beflo

How this fashionable new mom balances a busy work life with wellness and calm


WFH Professional working at beflo Tenon sit-stand luxury desk in a bright white room with lots of natural light


We recently caught up with multi-hyphenate Sarah DeAnna, Supermodel, Author, and TV writer. As a new mother and health, beauty, and wellness obsessive, Sarah’s schedule is regimented and focused to maintain balance and optimal performance to meet the demands of every day. She’s recently incorporated the beflo Tenon sit-stand desk into her routine and invited us into her space to talk flow.

beflo: How would you describe your profession?

Sarah: I’ve been a high fashion model for almost 20 years, a writer for the last 10 years, and a mother for the last year.

beflo: How long would you say your workday is? When do you typically start, and when do you close your laptop? Do you set an hour in the evening for a full digital turndown?

Sarah: This last year as a mom­ – my workday is 24/7! Typically, I try to wake up before the baby wakes up, around 5-6 am. This gives me a little time to set my day, write a little, and catch up on work related matters. Regarding a digital turndown: this has always been routine for me. Sleep is so important that it’s a whole chapter in my book, Supermodel You. Almost no screens or bright lights are on after the sun goes down.

beflo: When you are in working mode, what do you listen to, and what is the light and air quality like?

Sarah: I tend to get distracted easily, especially when working from home, so I need a place and environment that lets me focus and get into the zone. For me, this means as much natural light as possible, little to no noise, and an air purifier is always necessary in California.


Oura Ring integrated into your workday for health and wellness


beflo: What programs or apps do you use daily? What is your hard- and software stack?

Sarah: I am obsessed with my Oura ring, so that’s the first thing I check in the morning to see how well I’ve slept and recovered. I have a MacBook Air and so I use Google Docs when I write or WriterDuet, a screenwriting software. I’m also having a lot of fun with ChatGPT lately. And I run my Vitamix at least 5 times a day to make matcha lattes and smoothies.

beflo: What can you tell us about your Monday through Friday routine?

Sarah: Since becoming a mom, my routine involves working around my baby’s naps and sleep schedule. Moms in general have so little time, but I have to say that since becoming a mom, I am so MUCH more productive. I impress myself sometimes. Research studies even confirm that moms (and dads) are more productive than their childless peers. Once the baby wakes up, most of my work focus shifts to him until his nap-time. We always take walks outside and go to the park, which is good for him and me. I do a lot of brainstorming and thought creation while walking or playing at the park. Once he goes down for his nap, my full attention goes back to work related matters: calls, Zooms, emails, writing, etc.


Sarah DeAnna sitting at beflo Tenon desk in the sit position and in the flow

beflo: Tell us a bit about how you transition from task to task.
Sarah: Like I said, I am notorious for getting distracted, so when it’s time to work, my phone is off or out of reach. I like lists and project management apps to stay on task, and I must schedule everything, or I will forget. If I really need to stay focused, I will play subliminal binaural beat tracks for concentration, creativity, and the like. I think there’s a place and time for sitting and standing and I love both, but I prefer standing. I really notice a difference (for the better) in how I feel and perform when I stand at my desk.
beflo: Please describe your previous WFH set-up. What did you like and dislike about your previous workspace and routine position?
Sarah: I didn’t have a desk before the Tenon arrived and, like my many other WFH peers, I was using the kitchen table. And since I didn’t have a stand-up desk, I would put the chair on the table and my laptop on the chair so I could stand while working.
Sarah DeAnna exercising and in the flow at her beflo Tenon Desk in stand position
beflo: How is the Tenon adjustable desk working out for you?
Sarah: I’m a big proponent of spending money on things you use a lot. We spend on average 15% of our lives working and 33% of our lives sleeping. Because of this, I would rather spend money on a workspace I love and a mattress over, say, an expensive car. (On average, we only drive about 3% of our lives). The Tenon smart desk is beautiful and makes work so much more enjoyable. It’s been a game changer. If you have a home gym or yoga studio, the chances of you working out more increase. Likewise, if you have a stunning desk that keeps you in the flow state, your work output increases, as does your work satisfaction.
beflo: When you think of beflo, what three words come to mind?
Sarah: Work. Flow. Health.
beflo: How does beflo’s smart desk and setup make you feel?
Sarah: Chic. Professional. Organized.
For more on Sarah, check her out on Instagram and LinkedIn at @sarahdeanna.
Thanks Sarah!
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