8 Working From Home Tips for Staying Productive

8 Working From Home Tips for Staying Productive - Beflo

It is often said that people's way of working in their workspace can greatly impact their health. The same adage holds true in the context of homeworking, often abbreviated as “WFH.” Working on your own without immediate oversight or coworkers by your side requires self-discipline and focus. Remote employees need to maintain a productive workday and create a suitable workspace. Though working remotely might seem daunting or even a bit tempting, remote workers can heighten their productivity by following the work from home tips detailed below.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Working from Home

Working from home has clear benefits. For one, with a home job, you are free to work at your own pace without a boss hovering over your shoulder. This means you have the flexibility to choose your working hours and workday. Nor do you have to deal with loud or annoying colleagues during your workday, or a lengthy commute that can add unnecessary stress for employees. Add in the fact that working from home liberates employees to get up from their workday routine at any time and digress to a business-related task such as caring for a child, making coffee, or answering the doorbell and there is even more reason to make WFH permanent.

There are also some downsides to working from home. Some employees working remotely struggle to transition from the office routine to a home desk simply because doing so requires discipline to manage tasks effectively. Though working from home becomes increasingly easier for employees to focus on actual work, it takes time to make the transition from the office to their new work environment every day.

Working remotely can be challenging in terms of time management and finding the best way to structure your day. It can also be lonesome at times. Aside from the occasional video chat or phone call, working remotely provides a limited way to interact with other human beings. It can be difficult to find time during the day to go and connect with others.

Working from home can be challenging, especially when it comes to staying focused and productive. It's important to take breaks during your work time to help maintain your concentration and avoid burnout. While there are temptations like unsupervised internet digressions or a kitchen stocked with food just a few feet away, setting boundaries and having self-discipline can make a big difference. If you need help staying on track, consider implementing strategies like time-blocking or using productivity apps.

Increase Your Work from Home Productivity

Those who thrive while working from home have the ability to tune out distractions and narrow their focus on actual work. Here’s a quick look at some helpful work from home tips that will help you churn out high-quality work without the need to commute to and from a traditional office.

Those who thrive while working from home have the ability to tune out distractions and narrow their focus on actual work. This is the way they effectively manage their time throughout the day, as they need to prioritize and stay productive. Here’s a quick look at some helpful tips for working from home that will help you maximize your productivity and efficiency, while also making the most of your time and taking necessary breaks.

1. Work on a Schedule

The most productive remote work setups replicate the design and feel of traditional offices, enhancing work culture and work life. Start working at your dedicated home office every day without exception to help with the work you need. To establish a routine, you need to wrap up your workday at the same time as you did while working in a conventional office. Create clear boundaries between working and playing in your home with a work-life balance schedule. Find the time during the day that you need to focus on work and stick to it. Actually, working and abiding by the schedule will help you be more productive in your work life. Take the time to prioritize your tasks and manage your day effectively.

Though taking breaks from working is important for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, it's crucial to avoid getting too caught up in lengthy breaks that resemble siestas. This is especially relevant for those who engage in remote work, as managing time effectively becomes even more essential. If you struggle with the need to adhere to a schedule while working from home, set an alarm for the same times each day. Designate specific work start times, break times, a lunch segment, and an end-of-day alert.

2. Add an Ergonomic Desk

A woman stands and works at a Tenon height adjustable desk

When it comes to working from home productively, this might be one of the most important tips we can offer. The days of sitting at a desk for 8 hours straight are quickly coming to an end, as a prominent and newfound focus on working with well-being in mind has entered the national conversation. With well-being encompassing both the mind and the body, a popular solution for the problem of remaining sedentary all day is a sit-stand desk.

Beflo’s Tenon sit-stand desk empowers you to work either seated or standing. Adjust your desk as desired and you’ll improve blood flow throughout your body, increase energy levels, minimize the potential for long-term health complications like arthritis, and embrace work rather than dread it.

Be sure to add a flow kit to your Tenon desk for maximum utility. The addition of a desk mat that provides a smooth work surface will also make the space that much more pleasing to the senses, ultimately motivating you to work hard even when there isn’t a boss breathing down your neck.

3. Minimize Family Interactions

Though the opportunity to work remotely and see and talk with your family members and pets is one of the most glaring benefits of remote work, doing so with regularity will sabotage your productivity and working time. Though it might seem a bit cruel, it is in your interest to close your home office door to make it clear that you are solely focused on working and managing your time effectively. This is important as it pays the mortgage, puts food on the table, and keeps the lights on.

Make it clear to your family or housemates that you are working remotely and unavailable for interaction unless you are on break or enjoying lunch. Create clear lines of demarcation between working and family socialization time and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you see your productivity levels increase.

4. Communicate With Your Team

A woman attends a virtual meeting with two men

The best employees working from home are eager to communicate with their coworkers and supervisors through every possible medium, making the most of their time. From online group chats to individualized email messages, phone calls, video calls, and even work-related message boards, staying connected while working remotely is crucial in order to manage time effectively. Working from home can be detrimental if you become isolated and only communicate when necessary. Working remotely has become increasingly popular, and it is important not to lose sight of the potential downside of remote work. Err on the side of communicating more while working remotely, making it clear that you are making meaningful contributions and care about the company's collective interest in remote work. Your working vociferousness will be duly noted by your working peers and most importantly, your working boss.

5. Resist the Temptation to Self-indulge

If you were to poll those who transitioned to working from home, you would likely find the majority gained at least 5-10 pounds within the first couple months of their transition away from the office and into the home. The sad truth is people are more inclined to self-indulge when working, especially when others are not observing them and a pantry full of goodies is 20 feet away.

Working The quest to maintain self-control is that much easier when you plan ahead. Working individuals should make it a habit to prepare their lunch and snacks a day ahead of time. Designate specific times for working, eating your lunch and snacks, adhere to that schedule and you’ll maximize productivity without sabotaging your health and wellness.

6. Mix in Some Face-to-Face Interactions

The worst part about working from home is staring into a screen where you interact with pixelated people in digital form as opposed to face-to-face. Fail to meet with people at work eye-to-eye in-person at least a couple of times per week and you’ll start to question your sanity, especially if you work alone in a cramped apartment. Make sure to take breaks from work and go for a leisurely stroll outside at least a couple of times per day. It's also beneficial to strike up conversations with neighbors and seek opportunities to volunteer in person.

If possible, meet with clients, coworkers, and others who contribute to your employer face-to-face at least once per week. Such casual interactions at work lift the spirit and sharpen your social skills as well as your phonetic abilities. Face-to-face interactions at work also provide an invaluable opportunity to forge meaningful connections that are simply not possible when interacting through a screen.

7. Create a Space Dedicated to Work

It is a mistake to work from your living room or kitchen table. Ask anyone who has shifted to working from home about the distractions posed by kids, pets, the TV and the smell of delicious food emanating from the kitchen and you will be inundated with details about the importance of carving out a space solely for work. Choose a room in your home that is suitable for work and furnish it to your liking. This will help you focus on your work tasks at hand instead of being distracted by other things in your house.

Above all, the space you select for work should be quiet. Though it might not be possible to find a part of your home where you can hear a pin drop, you should be able to dedicate a comfy area to work in peace. When in doubt, turn on a fan or add white noise to drown out work noise pollution from the outside world and other parts of your home.

8. Spend for High-quality Office Furniture

Sitting still for 8 or more hours per day takes a toll on the body, especially when working. Instead of limiting yourself to traditional sit-down work at a desk, opt for a sit-stand flexible Tenon desk that allows for more dynamic and ergonomic work. Add a comfy swivel-style office chair and a computer monitor arm to adjust your screen as you see fit and optimize your work setup. This will help minimize the strain on your body while working.

Maximize Your Productivity with Beflo

Overhead view of a person working at a Beflo Tenon Desk

Beflo has all your home office needs covered. Aside from following the productivity tips work from home listed above, we can also help boost your at-home productivity with the right home office products.

Working from home is all about finding flow: the sweet spot between productivity and play when work doesn’t feel like work. The Tenon desk was created with the modern home office in mind, along with our full suite of high-tech and beautifully designed accessories, including laptop and cable holders, docking stations and more.

If you're looking to increase your WFH productivity, comfort and happiness, start by taking a look at our modern home office items.

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