Working From Home, Redesigned

Forget the big, ugly home office furniture of Corporate America. We designed the Tenon desk for the modern home office—complete with all the features and accessories you need to find your flow. Our sit-stand desk caters to your specific needs, whether that’s sitting or standing, letting you optimize your work from home experience. Professional grade cable organization keeps wire clutter at bay while ensuring your devices are fully charged and ready to bring your ideas to life. With its sleek and modern design, the Tenon desk acts as a piece of functional art to elevate your space and take your home office set up to the next level.

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Work. Flow. Home.

Studies show it takes 23 minutes to refocus on a task after an interruption. The Tenon sit-stand desk minimizes those interruptions that can come from working from home and maximizes your focus, so you can get in the flow state —and stay in the flow state.

Man standing at standing desk

Made For Work, Designed For Your Home Office

We wanted to reimagine the home office as a sanctuary where creativity meets productivity. Our goal was to craft a top of the line sit-stand desk that acts as an extension of your personal style and allows you to curate the ideal home office space for maximum efficiency.

None of the sit-stand desks on the market lived up to our dreams, so we created the Tenon desk. A sit-stand desk that’s the perfect balance of beauty and functionality. A desk that’s built for both work and home. One that’s made to help you find your flow.

The Beflo Difference

Feel At Home At Work

We’re for office furniture that feels like home: Warm, welcoming and aesthetic. Tenon’s modern design and clean lines hide built-in tech features and the productivity tools you use every day.